Tur de Rondo
24.4.2009 16.24.53

Our aim was to climb three top route at Mont Blanc. Ascent to Cosmique Cabane was trekked in good weather. At arrival to Cosmique the first real Blanc massive wall (Tacul) seemed untouchable. we could see that there was only one track beyond normal route. The reason was a dump snowed 6 days before arrival. Dump was hardened as shell covering whole wall. Visibility was lost again for few hours. We stayed overnight at Cosmique Cabane and decided also not to go Tacul wall because of snow condition . The skiing started next morning at 5 am. and direction was lower top behind tacul. We topped Tur de Rondo at 11 am and visibility was lost again. We descent carefully and skied few kilometer down along valley de Blanche until visibility was lost totally. 1 ½ hours sitting in hole dicked in snow and moving again each time visibility changed even for few seconds. Skiing with rope was interesting experience. The top itself was narrow and airy place itself. Ascent is quite steep but safe as snow condition wise. It’s also possible to ski down but needs very experienced skier.

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Sijainti Chamonix, France
Laji Telemark
Reitin pituus 23,97 km   ( 23968 m )
Kokonaisaika 1 + 01:09:54
Keskinopeus 1 km/h
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Reittiä katsottu 4000 kertaa

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