Tahko MTB 2009
27.6.2009 14.04.04

Last weekend I attended Tahko MTB in easten Finland for the first time. It was a great experience, but it was also challenging, because I do not have any previous experience in long mountain bike competitions. Sure, I red route descriptions several times but issues like, my own cycling speed, lack of technical driving experience, what actually means to drive up hill 20 degrees steep rocky track, was complete mystery to me. I took part to the 60 km race and my time was 4.34.00. Average hb was about 162 and consumption over 6000 kcals.  Evertyhing went well up to 30 km where I got first feel of becoming cramps. My driving against time practically ended at 40+ km. Rest of track felt like 'surviving', but my body started recovering from cramps at the final uphill leg. Route itself was great to drive, some technical driving, real great landscape for those who have time to take a look around -  I had!. As far as time and results are concerned, position at the start point of single track is crucial.  Event itself was really nice. I recommend, it’s worth of attending!

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Sijainti Tahkovuori, Nilsiä
Laji Maastopyöräily
Reitin pituus 60,94 km   ( 60941 m )
Kokonaisaika 04:33:39
Keskinopeus 13 km/h
Syke Max: 187 Avg: 166
Reittiä katsottu 8997 kertaa

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