9. day 44 km (in total 332 km)
27.6.2011 21:55:09

Today was the first day since the start when I was paddling without dry-suit! It was sunny and warm day. After one hour paddling from Stora Fagerö, we stopped at Barösund to change paddling clothes, because it was too hot. At the same time we visited at local shop and I got first ice cream since the start, delicious !

It was a pleasure to paddle on such  a weather and beautiful scenery. We headed towards south-west and Tammisaari archipelago. It was nice to have paddling company for three days, thanks Minna. From now on I continue again on my own. I arrived late in the evening at Tammisaari national park and paddled sdilently through the maze of tiny islands in a totally calm weather. This is paradise! I headed onto a most beautiful camping spot I know, Fladalandet and enjoyed amazing sun set at warm rocks. Superb!

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Sijainti Stora Fagerö, Inkoo - Fladalandet, Tammisaari
Laji Melonta
Reitin pituus 44,07 km   ( 44070 m )
Kokonaisaika 11:30:40
Keskinopeus 4 km/h
Syke Max: - Avg: -
Reittiä katsottu 2293 kertaa

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