15. day 73 km (in total 619 km)
11.7.2011 21:32:37

Halfway passed today! At the evening I passed Luvia, which is on a halfway from Virojoki to Tornio. It took 15 days and thus it would indicate it would be possible to complete Finnish coastline in 30 days...


I started early at 7:30 AM and the first 3 hours paddling went on a 5-6 m/s tailwind (SW). On a way to Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse I visited Santakari daymark, when it was conveniently just on my route. It was only 1 hour paddling from Santakari to Kylmäpihlaja and I arrived nicely at 12AM at lunch time.


Lunch was extremely delicious with creamy fish soup and fish plate with different kind of fishes, like salmon, baltic herring, smoked whitefish, etc... I recommend the buffet lunch if you are planning to visit this lighthouse.


Because the weather was so fine and I felt comfortable with paddling I decided to have a long stretch today. I was paddling altogether 11 hours and arrived to Outoori island in Pori roughly at 9:30 PM. This camping place was familiar to me from my earlier trips on this area. Really nice spot and superb sunset!

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Sijainti Lyökki, Uusikaupunki - Outoori, Pori
Laji Melonta
Reitin pituus 72,86 km   ( 72864 m )
Kokonaisaika 14:03:29
Keskinopeus 5 km/h
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Reittiä katsottu 2231 kertaa

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