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25. day 62 km (in total 1107 km) 21.7.2011 18:14:38

Kalajoki, Kalajoki - Raahe, Raahe 62,05km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

We had a plan to reach Raahe today and so we did! When we arrived to Kalajoki beach we had a rest of 3 hours and then started to paddle at 11 PM during the night. Weather forecast was expecting stronger headwind for this afternoon and therefore we decided to paddle as far as we could during the night on the good tailwind. After 4 hours paddling we pitched the tent at 3 AM on a beach at Pyhäjoki. We had a sleep until 9 AM and started towards Raahe at 10 AM. 7,5 hours later we arrived to

24. day 53 km (in total 1045 km) 20.7.2011 20:07:25

Poroluoto, Kälviä - Kalajoki, Kalajoki 53,34km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

Fine paddling day again. Sunshine, mild tailwind and nice sandy beaches. We reached Kalajoki sand beaches today set a camp on a beautiful beach. We had one mistake on the route selection during the day and therefore the day was longer than expected. 

23. day 46 km (in total 992 km) 19.7.2011 20:51:45

Mässkär, Pietarsaari - Poroluoto, Kälviä 45,99km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

1000 km milestone is getting closer and closer. Now we are nearby Kokkola city in Poroluoto island. There are "wilderness" hut and sauna located at this island. The cottage and sauna is owned by the city of Kokkola and they are meant for recreational usage. I don't know if wilderness is correct word for this cottage, because it's located close to the city, "wilderness hut" is more suitable word for the huts in the Lapland.  We were sleeping quite late this morning a

22. day 35 km (in total 946 km) 18.7.2011 17:11:28

Storskäret, Uusikaarlepyy - Mässkär, Pietarsaari 34,61km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

During the night wind was turning to blow from SE and I woke up many times to check if the water on the shore would still be lower than our tent on the beach. Fortunately water level didn't raise up to tent and we started against the wind this paddling day. There were still one longer crossing towards mainland, which went well despite of increased wind speed. On the way towards Pietarsaari we visited Hällgrund daymark, where we had lunch after 3 hour paddling. Delicious pasta :) P

21. day 53 km (in total 911 km) 17.7.2011 20:12:07

Korsören, Mustasaari - Storskäret, Uusikaarlepyy 52,50km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

This was the day of lighthouses, daymarks and long crossings on open sea. It all started at 15 km crossing from last night's camping place, Korsören to lighthouse island Ritgrund. Fortunately weather was fine, sunny and no wind. It took 2,5 hours to reach lighthouse. We had 1 hour break at Ritgrund after which we had another 15 km crossing onto a Mikkelinsaaret, which is part of Kvarken archipelago, the world heritage. So after 5 hours paddling we had a lunch at Mikkelinsaaret. On the

20. day 56 km (in total 858 km) 17.7.2011 0:08:48

Moikipää, Korsnäs - Korsören, Mustasaari 55,95km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

It had been raining during the night, but morning were cloudy without raindrops. I started at half past eight and headed towards north. The wind was mild and coming from SW, which was excellent for long crossings between Moikipää and Raippaluoto. I felt quite strong today due to shorter day yesterday and paddled 3-4 hours stretches. I had lunch after 12 AM and it started to rain heavily. I was completely wet and it lasted roughly 3 hours.The visibility was poor, but I managed to reach

19. day 35 km (in total 802 km) 15.7.2011 18:26:32

Horsstenarna, Närpiö - Moikipää, Korsnäs 35,00km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

The day was sunny, but windy. Wind was coming from east and in gusts I had to paddle with all my power. I tried to find a place to have lunch, but there aren't actually good spots in this part of coast. All shores are rocky or there are houses / cottages. Therefore I decided to have lunch at Moikipää, where I landed next to restaurant at 2 PM. The pizza tasted heavenly delicious. I decided to camp nearby and rest the rest of the day. Tomorrow I'll try to reach Vaasa, hopefully wind is

18. day 60 km (in total 767 km) 14.7.2011 23:20:02

Norrgrund, Kristiinankaupunki - Horsstenarna, Närpiö 59,90km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

Wind was blowing all the night and I didn't start until 10 AM. Just a couple of kilometers away were small island, where Härkmeri daymark was located. I headed first to see the daymark before turned my kayak towards Kaskinen. The morning was nothing but easy. Tailwind, waves and my body was complaining all the time.  After tedious 5 hour paddling I arrived to beautiful Kaskinen city and I was ready to quit paddling totally. I took a long lunch break and did some shopping. After 2

17. day 44 km (in total 707 km) 13.7.2011 22:59:08

Merikarvia, Merikarvia - Norrgrund, Kristiinankaupunki 43,60km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

Yesterday when I was arriving to Merikarvia it was already blowing 10 m/s from west and wind was increasing all the time. During the night and the morning it went up at 12 m/s and therefore I decided to wait for the wind to calm down a bit. I had the breakfast and lunch at camping place and when the wind seemed to ease a bit according the forecast I headed onto a sea at 2 PM. Wind was from NW and I struggled with 6-8 m/s tailwind first couple of hours. Fortunately weather was calming down i

16. day 44 km (in total 663 km) 12.7.2011 19:36:21

Outoori, Pori - Merikarvia, Merikarvia 44,08km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

Yesterday's long paddling stretch and late bedtime made me start a bit later today. I was feeling on my body yesterday still in the morning. It had rained during the night and it seems weather has changed now. It feels colder and the wind is increasing and turning to west / north west, which is not too good direction for me now. Anyhow I grabbed my paddle at 10 AM and headed towards port of Pori. I visited Ryssäntorni daymark at the harbour of Pori. The sea is more shallow and there ar

15. day 73 km (in total 619 km) 11.7.2011 21:32:37

Lyökki, Uusikaupunki - Outoori, Pori 72,86km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

Halfway passed today! At the evening I passed Luvia, which is on a halfway from Virojoki to Tornio. It took 15 days and thus it would indicate it would be possible to complete Finnish coastline in 30 days... I started early at 7:30 AM and the first 3 hours paddling went on a 5-6 m/s tailwind (SW). On a way to Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse I visited Santakari daymark, when it was conveniently just on my route. It was only 1 hour paddling from Santakari to Kylmäpihlaja and I arrived nicel

14. day 52 km (in total 546 km) 10.7.2011 21:17:57

Mussalo, Taivassalo - Lyökki, Uusikaupunki 52,28km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

Coastline paddling continues again. After Kökar trip I was invited by Jere to the summer cottage in Kustavi. It was great to spend marvellous summer evening with friends eating well, having sauna and swimming in the sea. Thanks a lot, Jere. Due to the late bedtime yesterday I didn't had any rush to start paddling again. Just after 12 AM I started from the camping area of Mussalo, where I stopped paddling one week ago. The weather was fine, sun was shining and wind was blowing 5-6 m/s f

Kökar day 7 8.7.2011 15:34:50

Husö - Sandviken 16,14km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

Kökar day 6 7.7.2011 19:48:39

Husö - Husö 39,38km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

Great paddling day. Visited Gustaf Dalen lighthouse and Bogskär daymark.

Kökar day 5 6.7.2011 16:48:41

Andkläpp - Husö 8,56km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

Kökar day 4 5.7.2011 16:48:46

Stora Klishäran - Andkläpp 23,07km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

Kökar day 3 4.7.2011 17:50:44

Tvarskär - Stora Klishäran 20,63km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

Kökar day 2 3.7.2011 19:18:48

Idö - Tvarskär 27,95km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

Beautiful day. Visited Källskär island and Kökarsören lighthouse island. Calm sea and sunny day.

Kökar day 1 2.7.2011 21:45:03

Sandviken - Idö 12,57km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

Paddling trip in Kökar archipelago started.

13. day 32 km (in total 494 km) 1.7.2011 16:06:40

Montti, Rymättylä - Mussalo, Taivassalo 32,42km 0 Kommenttia 0 Kuvaa

I woke up at night many times, because of powerful thunderstorm was passing by. It was raining heavily and storm was loud, couldn't sleep too much. Fortunately it didn't last till morning and I was able to eat breakfast and pack my stuff in a sunshine. Although weather forecast was warning about thunderstorms and therefore I decided to choose a route very close to the islands, just in case I would need to land if thunderstorm would be hitting during my paddling. I had lunch break at Velkua

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